About us

mediathand is an independent streaming technology business. We provide world-class streaming solutions tailored to deliver the best possible video quality across all devices.

From live broadcast to on-demand, using mediathand’s unique combination of neural research, deep encoding experience and absolute focus on quality, we thrive on solving streaming problems for our partners.

Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end service, support with interoperability, or help with critical system components, mediathand can deliver high quality streaming via any distribution technology, to any screen, at any time. 

The right help is always at hand.

The mediathand team is exceptional, we are delighted to be working with such consummate professionals. Not only do they deliver, but they do it with class!


Mo Nasser, CTO

Aether Innovative Technology, Inc.

Why partner with us

Video streaming is exploding* and will continue to do so. Infrastructure is a bottleneck that is creating an increasing challenge for the industry, which can only be solved with the right technology.

mediathand’s world class service is completely scaleable and can deliver any number of TV channels with razor sharp uninterrupted HD streaming to big screens, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

* Time spent streaming increased by 58% before the coronavirus pandemic. Q4 2019 (Nielsen)


Our data optimisation can reduce storage and traffic by up to 50%, creating cost savings which go straight to your bottom line.


By optimising video for the neural vision of the brain, we’re able to reduce data further than our competitors, while always maintaining superior quality.


Our unified and packaged software means we can deploy quickly helping our partners see improvements faster.


TV screens, tablets, smartphones, laptops, dongles, Apple TVs… Wherever you want your video content, we’ve got you covered.


mediathand is at the forefront of Danish telecommunications research operating from the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen. Meet our team of co-founders.

Gert Skov Petersen
Chief Executive Officer

Gert brings more than 20 years’ experience of ICT management to mediathand. Having previously co-founded an ICT Venture Capital fund and managed the commercialisation of a variety of intellectual assets, his knowledge of the industry is second only to his love of delicious ale, fine food and having a team who are smarter than he is.

Gil Pedersen
Chief Technical Officer

Gil is the ever-present technical eyes and ears of mediathand. Alongside his love of board games and single malt whisky with friends, he has found time to develop a PlayStation emulator and a complete video broadcast platform during his 15 years of software architecture and system administration.

Allan Hammershøj
Chief Operating Officer

There is little Allan doesn’t know about video streaming standards, which stands him in good stead for his role at the heart of operations for mediathand. His enthusiasm for telecommunications research projects, broadcast standards and encoding technologies is eclipsed only by a Champions League game.

Emil Heinze
Chief Creative Officer

Emil’s creative focus for mediathand is frontend development and bringing media to customers in new ways. His background in electronics and mobile media technologies provides the perfect foundation for fantastic product development. It’s been less useful in his other role as a foodie and coffee expert.

What we do

From any distribution format to any screen, any time, everywhere.

mediathand’s streaming system is based on international professional industry standards and is always adapted to customers’ existing systems, workflow and requirements.

Whether you need a few key components for your service or a full, end-to-end solution, all our services offer access to mediathand’s premium streaming technology.

We don’t introduce any direct or indirect proprietary standards, meaning you’ll never be locked to our services.


  • Enhance your streaming quality
  • Reduce storage and CDN costs by up to 50%
  • A tailored approach to suit all levels of integration
  • Select modules to suit existing systems
  • All modules include service and maintenance
  • Hosting can be provided or existing environments used if required


  • Full plug and play solution for a fast route to market
  • Includes webshop and user database for live and on-demand TV streaming
  • Easy-to-use EPG and an on-demand programme archive for unlimited channels
  • mediathand’s world class video encoding
  • Ongoing partnership ensuring the technology evolves with the industry and your business


  • Portable “on the go” live broadcast streaming service
  • Excellent mediathand user experience for use with your recording equipment
  • Cloud-based, live event streaming service for local or global audiences at short notice
  • We do not introduce proprietary standards to ensure compatibility
  • Used for live events including breaking news, press conferences, sport, festivals and concerts


Hot on the heels of its recent reveal at the SMPTE conference, LEAF™ represents a new way to approach the challenges that have beset the transition from traditional video distribution to OTT streaming, until now.

By merging traditional OTT architecture and broadcast architecture, creating OTT-B, LEAF™ is capable of turning a router into a streaming gateway for all connected devices in the home.

This small product could herald a viable solution to the legacy of out-dated STBs and spiraling demands on bandwidth.


I have worked very closely with the team at mediathand for many years as a technology partner spanning three companies. I can definitely say that they are one of the thought leaders in streaming media. They are now pioneering a hybrid approach of OTT Broadcasting that provides service integration across multi-channel distribution of content. With mediathand technology, television is now truly an App.


Dr. Jay Yogeshwar, CEO
Media Translation Inc.

Having worked on numerous projects over the last decade with mediathand, they are always one step ahead of the curve with every technology progression in all video distribution technologies and have already worked out the solutions to our future challenges, way before we have them. They have a deep pool of technical expertise and all projects get the same level of discipline in their design. No task is too complex or simple and mediathand will solve any puzzle you throw at them.


Jon Stansfield, VP Solution Sales, Global
Linius Technologies Ltd


mediathand works with a range of partners and clients across the global telecommunications industry. Our streaming expertise has led to long term, collaborative partnerships with international broadcasting bodies and associations, multinational technology firms, news agencies and media companies.

When it comes to streaming, mediathand is a safe place to be.