Turning over a new LEAF™ for broadcasting

LEAF™ is a revolutionary new product capable of combining OTT and broadcast technologies.


LEAF™ represents a new way to approach the challenges which have beset the transition from traditional video distribution to OTT streaming, until now.

Broadcast and Televisions have yet to become an integrated part of the Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Home ecosystems. But this is about to change.

By merging the best from OTT and broadcast technologies, creating OTT Broadcast, LEAF™ is capable of turning a standard router into a streaming gateway for all connected devices, creating a true Smart Home.

Following its reveal at the SMPTE conference 2020, ongoing tests have been carried out on the Copenhagen Testbed with exciting results and PoC tests are planned for USA and Africa in 2022.

This small product provides a viable solution to the legacy of out-dated Flatscreens, Smart TVs and STBs and the ever increasing demands on bandwidth.

Get ready to have your socks knocked off with this one…

Jason Thybault, Executive Director,
Stream Video Alliance

How It Works

Connecting all networks to all devices

Why LEAF™?

Broadcast Quality

Broadcast quality OTT services for any screen in the home

Hybrid Solution

Combining broadcast, multicast and unicast streaming in a hybrid solution

Scale & Reduced Cost

A hybrid approach to the content distribution ecosystem facilitating scale and reducing cost

Feed Optimisation

Enables the feed to automatically choose the optimal path without bottlenecks

Improved Targeting

Improved commercial targeting for the consumer